While the gîte is already appreciated for its impeccable state of cleanliness - all the reviews and testimonies of our hosts are unanimous on this subject - we intensify the protection against any possible contamination by a series of hygiene measures prior to each visit.

  • complete ventilation of the premises: you arrive in a freshly ventilated accommodation, with healthy air
  • complete cleaning of the entire gîte by a professional cleaning team; some of their cleaning products have been changed for more efficiency and better hygiene
  • disinfection of all door handles, handrails, switches, fittings and contact points
  • additional maintenance of disinfection of floors, furniture, appliances, remote control... with the seriousness and competence of the cleaning team
  • external laundry service for professional washing of towels and bedding
  • hand washing cream at each sink
  • disinfectant hydroalcoholic gel at guest's disposal
  • paper handkerchiefs at guest's disposal
  • latex-free gloves at guest's disposal

In order to clean and sanitise each day the most frequently touched areas we will give you a new sponge, dish cloth, floor cloth, kitchen roll and sanitizer when you arrive.

At Gîte Catalpa we are concerned to welcome you in the best sanitary conditions. Keep well and healthy!