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70 m² divided into 2 levels for your exclusive use. Official 5-star comfort.

The bucolic garden and its water feature visually extend the living room

You can invite your friends to dinner and set a festive table for up to six people.

Natural light is a valuable component of interior design.

Play of lights and colours on this beautiful table.

Colours, materials and light harmonise in a play of chiaroscuro.

The wide queen size sofa bed (1.60 m) offers a comfortable and soft bed with its natural down duvet.

On winter mornings the wood-burning stove is ready to relay the warmth from the cosy bed.

A well-dry stock of wood is always available.

The 3-position swivel drum allows the stove to be used in open, glazed or closed mode.

A quiet morning under the snow.

Perspective view of the circulation axis from the kitchen to the living room

The high-tech kitchen is unobtrusive, but shows all its strengths when the doors open.

Our guests quickly feel at ease with the new technology.

Coffee and tea for all tastes at your disposal.

Colour and light brighten up the contemporary kitchen.

A modern washing machine / dryer takes care of all your clothes

Wake up invigorated with these harlequin patterns!